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Here you will find information to help you regain your health or to just keep you healthy.

This knowledge comes from the ancient texts of Classical Ayurveda which are many many thousands of years old.

‘Ayurveda is the most concise and complete Holistic health system available today’ according to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.).

Every machine comes with a manual…We like to see Ayurveda as the instruction manual for a healthy human body.

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Dominic Gleeson – Ayurveda Lifestyle Health Consultant

To bring balance to your mind, body & soul

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8am-5.30pm Wed to Sat by appointment only

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Dominic was born and educated in the UK.

Personal health issues began to affect him in 2007 and after several trips to hospital he made a decision to step up, re-educate himself and choose to take the natural route to health which greatly improved many aspects of his life.

After the birth of his first child here in Australia in 2009, he moved back to the UK where he studied a diploma in Naturopathy and ran his own practice in Brighton until moving to Australia long term in 2013.

Here Dominic continued his health education and qualified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and is currently studying the Advanced Diploma at the Ayurveda College in Byron Bay.

Now working exclusively from recently opened treatment rooms in Tweed Heads, Dominic is a practicing Lifestyle consultant specialising in health consultation, therapeutic massage and many other rejuvinative therapies.

Knowledge is only as good as the source from which it is attained.

Whilst running his practice, Dominic continues his weekly studies and has regular contact with his teacher Prof Jason Chandler who has been teaching Classical Ayurveda in Australia for 36 years.

Prof Chandler comes from a lineage of 17 generations of Tibetan and Indian Ayurveda practitioners and teachers each of whom lived to over 100 years of age. His knowledge was passed down to him verbally from his first teacher who was 108 years old at the time. After studying at Cambridge in the UK in his late teens, he moved back to India and spent many years working across the continent studying and mastering the science under some of the most respected Classical Ayurvedic practitioners before moving to Australia to start teaching.

For Dominic and his health practice, the connection with his teacher is precious.  It is a rare thing to have access to this kind of depth of healing knowledge and health experience with any more complex health issues he comes across.


  • Health LifeStyle Consultation
  • Full Body Abhyanga therapeutic Oil Massage
  • Classical Ayurveda Head massage
  • Nasya, Chaviti and Nabhi therapies
  • Classical Ayurveda herbal medicines
  • many more rejuvenating Ayurveda services (see clinic page)…
  • SCENAR therapy (link to page above)

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Recent Client Testimonials…

Brodie, Sunshine Coast QLD –

“Dom has a great approach with his delivery of knowledge – funny, friendly and goes the extra mile for his client’s. I would definitely recommend Dom’s services to anyone wanting to have a holistic way of life and get back to basics.”

Gina, London UK –

“I have a degree a BSc in Social Studies, and a 2nd degree a MSc in Social Work and admit I have been a bit cynical regarding holistic medicine until I was introduced to Dominic late 2015… Dominic gave me a personalised health diet lifestyle plan that cover all aspects of my life which has helped me immensely. I’m so glad to be working with Dominic. If you’re serious about wanting to be better physically, emotionally and spiritually, then he is the person you need to be talking to!”

Anonymous, NSW –

“I’ve been suffering from a relatively rare form of anxiety disorder and addiction for over 16 years… After following Dom’s personalised detox plan I AM NOW MEDICATION FREE and been clean for over 2 and a half months! Amazing! I can’t thank him enough!

Sherrie, Essex UK –

“After nearly 10 years with much pain and discomfort from Polycystic Ovaries & IBS, with countless trips to the doctors and hospitals for tests plus so many different drugs without any real success, I came across Dominic through a friend… After around 4 months on his suggested plan, I was given the all clear from the cysts by my doctors after the latest tests and my IBS is now manageable but getting better as days go by. I am indebted to Dominic for showing me how to heal myself. I highly recommend anyone to try him out as I feel he has added years and much quality to my life XX’

Sam, Brighton UK

“I have had really bad Psoriasis all over my body for about a year or so and it was really beginning to wear me down mentally as was causing so much discomfort, at times 24 hours a day. I had tried different pills, cream’s and ointments from my doctor but nothing seemed to work much at all… Its now gone completely and whenever i do get a flare up from time to time maybe after a big night at the pub, I know how to do what my body needs to stop the flare up in its tracks. I highly recommend Dominic, he really knows his stuff.”

Simon, Brighton UK –

“Dominic came to my rescue as for years I have had a lingering fungal infection in many different parts of my body that was extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. After a short consultation at my home, he suggested a simple plan and some dietary changes and the infection went away very quickly… Great bloke and great advice, many many thanks”

Karim, Brighton UK –

“My partner and I both want to recommend Dominic to anyone who is expecting a child or with young children as his knowledge of staying healthy has made a big impact in our lives with the kids. Don’t hesitate to get his advice as his way of explaining things is amazing and easy to understand. Many thanks Dom x”

Jon and Alison – Brighton, UK.

Please find below a little bit of info about our recent birth…

Alison and I were expecting our first baby in June this year 2012. Ali’s in her later 30’s so we wanted to try to make sure her birth was as easy and gentle as possible.We met up with Dominic and had a chat about what nutrition and or supplementation he thought would help with the birth. 
We followed his advice, which was straight-forward and simple to follow.Well, make what of it what you will, but Ali had about an hour or so in labour and about a 15 minute delivery – and apart from a bit of gas and air she took two Paracetamols for some soreness afterwards! She was up and about a day later and hasn’t got stretch marks. Our little girl is healthy and lovely.

Our thanks and our very best wishes Dominic

Rob T 38 – Brighton, UK.

I met Dominic in 2010 through a pal and decided to talk to him as I had a major operation in 2005 to remove my large intestine (colon) bowels due to chronic Crohns disease. Having refused to take medical drugs due to terrible side effects I have suffered much sickness since the op.

Dominic’s advice and plan really kicked in over time as he really put lots of research and time to find ways to make up for the missing internal organs by helping me detoxify daily in other safe natural ways using what I have left. This is an ongoing process but any time I have a low period which happens, he always has ways to get me feeling better fast. Unlike the doctors who I feel ignored even addressing me finding route cause of my problems and just operated when they ran out of ideas, I feel safe in the care of Dominic because he really put the extra time in to find ways to help me.