What is Ayurveda and how can it benefit you?

In this age of instant communication we are bombarded daily by various forms of media telling us how we can achieve instantaneous health.

These amazing life enhancing new methods often simply involve taking a new brand of pill or a newly discovered superfood and expecting miracles which if they happen at all are often short lived at best.

Ayurvedic diet

Although many of the ingredients in these products can often have some health enhancing properties, many of them unfortunately do not ever get into the right places in the body to do any good at all. In fact many of them simply turn into waste sludge inside us merely adding to the problems they are supposed to be helping to remove.

People the world over are always looking for ways to stay looking young strong and healthy into old age, and the marketplace grows by the minute making the profits for these companies and their products huge. This profit ignores the clients health in the long term.

What can Ayurveda do to help you?

Ayurveda true health is simple to define once you take the time to step back to look at the basics.

Ayurveda often discusses longevity as a mark of true health. Longevity is the ability to live a long balanced fully functioning healthy life without any chronic disease until we one day pass away quietly.

ayurveda treatment

In this day and age this is a rare thing for so many of our elderly.

Here are the rules we must all try and live by to achieve Longevity:

A diet that is healthy and vegetarian with a good balance of well cooked and a little raw food.

There is no over eating, no indigestion, no bloating or wind, no acid reflux or overwhelming tiredness after eating.

The 3 Malas (eliminations) are functioning well, a stool is easily passed with no discomfort, no undigested food in it and is passed at least once or maximum twice a day.

Urination is regular with a good flow, is clear or straw like in colour without any irritation or problem passing.

Some sweat is released through the skin once a day in warm conditions without unwelcome odour nor stains left on the clothing.

The female cycle is regular, it lasts around 3 days and causes no real discomfort nor severe mood swings or anxiety leading up to it.

The mind is content, thoughts are clear and without anger or resentment, the the mind is balanced.

This state is a healthy one and can be achieved with help.

Without these basic bodily functions working correctly, no pill or potion will help and true longevity will always be out of reach.

Ayurveda provides the tools and knowledge to make the adjustments needed to get to this state quickly and safely and improved health will follow soon after.

Ayurveda uses only natural herbal products alongside the ancient tried and tested system. The herbal medicines can be administered safely in the comfort of your own home.


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