The food we eat is our main fuel source and because of this fact, eating an Ayurvedic diet has been proven for many thousands of years to increase the chances of living a long healthy happy life otherwise known as ‘longevity’.

Ayurveda directly translates to ‘the science of life’ and its depth of ancient knowledge helps us understand every function of the human body in intricate detail quite unlike any other health philosophy.

Ayurveda and it’s detailed understanding of the human digestive system is the key. A little known or understood fact is that even very healthy food will turn to toxicity inside of us if it is not digested correctly due to being over eaten.

The ability to digest food correctly is all down to the individual, and good digestive health is the key to that individual being truly healthy long term. As many believe, undigested meal leftovers are not all simply eliminated into the toilet the next day. Much of it can stay hidden inside us for a long time.

I liken the human digestive system to a furnace oven which needs a pilot light to be burning constantly to enable it to light and burn when required. When you want to use the oven you turn the main gas supply on and the pilot ignites the main flame to increase the heat and burn what’s required. If you don’t create enough heat in the furnace you can smother the flames when you fill it and you may even put the pilot light out as well.

If your own digestive fire (we call Agni) is low then it will be pretty difficult to digest your food let alone absorb any of the nutrients and goodness from it when it reaches the colon.

So what happens if the Agni is low is the food you eat is chewed swallowed and only partly digested? The body does it’s best to eliminate the leftovers but a portion of this is left inside the GI tract to slowly ferment. In time this builds up in the gut slowly increasing the strain on your immune system as it’s job is to manage the balance between the good and bad bacteria.

The more residue from undigested food builds up the harder this is to manage, then in time some of this can dislodge and be moved or hidden somewhere else in the body to continue causing problems which can lead to serious disease.

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Even if your eating an Ayurveda diet and the food your eating is well digested it still takes around a month for the full residue to be eliminated completely. So imagine how long undigested left overs can stay inside your belly!

So these golden rules must always apply if we want to avoid this:

1. Eat the right kind of foods. Preferably a vegetarian Ayurvedic diet is best.
2. Learn and understand to eat only the correct combinations of foods as per an Ayurvedic diet.
3. Ensure the food is cooked in the correct way to help optimal absorption.
4. Make sure the food is eaten at the right times and done so consciously.
5. Perhaps most importantly make sure you do not over eat even if eating an Ayurvedic diet!

So how do we know the right amount to eat?

Take both hands cupped together to get a good idea of the size of your full stomach. Stick to this and you will be on the right track portion size wise.

We’ve all done it, eaten a huge meal and simply bursting at the seams, collapsed and fallen to sleep with exhaustion. Most think this is normal and acceptable. It is a choice of course but if you do this be prepared for the consequences.


Good digestion takes a lot of energy and a perfectly functioning digestive system to chew, swallow and produce all the acids, enzymes and important digestive fluids we need to correctly digest and absorb the nutrients from a meal. Adding fresh pickles such as Sauerkraut to a dish helps digestive power by producing natural enzymes internally.

Find out how to make your own Sauerkraut in my latest youtube tutorial here How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut

If you overwhelm this delicate system you are literally going to smother the fire in your belly reducing the food to a smouldering heap of half burned ash.

In time this turns into sticky toxicity which simply slows down and blocks the many visible and the intricate invisible channels that radiate and connect energetically around your body. This is how internal toxicity starts to accumulate which is really bad news if you want to stay healthy.

Constantly over eating healthy food can often be worse than occasionally eating small amounts of junk food!

I hope you think about this information the next time you eat.


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