SCENAR Therapy

Instant Pain relief

Do you suffer daily from any chronic pain or discomfort or lack of movement or mobility?

If you do and want fast but long lasting relief then read on and please tell your friends.

Hear Kevin’s story (below) and see how effectively Scenar worked for him.

Alex 45 (Professionl Dentist) – London, UK.

Katherine 80 – London, UK.

Barry 80 – Brighton, UK.

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SCENAR = self controlling, electro, neuro, adaptive, regulator.
Scenar (pronounced “Skenar”) is emerging as one of the most effective of all complementary therapies, with a wide range of health issues from simple back pain to complex neurological problems. Scenar usually gives dramatic results with recent injuries, and often helps chronic issues when nothing else has. You may have to travel to see a therapist, but if you want something that really works, with lasting results, give Scenar a try.


How does Scenar work?

A Scenar is a hand-held device that sends electronic signals into the millions of tiny nerve receptors in the skin. This activates waves of neuropeptides — natural healing and regulatory substances — some of the strongest known hormone like painkillers produced internally when required all around the body.

The power of Scenar is in its combination of constant, inter-active communication (helping the body to re-examine areas that are out of balance) and its intensity (pushing the body for fresh responses every second). Yet it remains gentle and non-invasive.

 Why should I consider Scenar?

The main reason is simply its depth and permanence. Scenar doesn’t work as a temporary fix. Once it has broken through, the results are usually permanent.

If you have symptoms that just won’t go away, and your GP (and maybe other therapists) have already tried their best, there is still an excellent chance that Scenar can help you. It is outstanding at removing pain, and restoring lost functions. Even with conditions that started years ago, and at breathtaking speed with recent injuries.

 Is it safe?

Totally – in over 30 years of daily use, there are no reports of negative side effects. Individual therapists may prefer not to treat certain conditions, but the only major contra-indication for Scenar is use with cardiac pace makers.

What does Scenar feel like?

As the Scenar device goes through treatment cycles on your skin, you’ll feel a tingling or prickly sensation. This feels different in each place and between different Scenar devices and treatment modes. Some Scenar signals feel simple and aggressive. Others feel complex and three dimensional. Sensations may appear in totally different parts of the body. Muscles may start to contract and relax apparently “on their own”. It is common for the therapist to “chase the pain” as it disappears in its first location, and reappears first in one place, then another. Occasionally the signal may feel too strong and the therapist will turn down the intensity. The overall feeling is of comfort and relief. People usually report an immediate reduction in pain, and a feeling of relaxation and well being. Better sleep and moods are also common.

Is Scenar the same as TENS machines?

In a word, NO!
Comparing the Scenar to a tens machine is often likened to comparing a space shuttle to a bicycle.
They’re very different. TENS (like many other electrical stimulation devices) is a crude but useful way of temporarily blocking pain pathways to the brain, such as during childbirth. The effects are shallow and brief. By contrast, Scenar creates an advanced, interactive feedback loop, with effects that are deep, cumulative and usually long lasting and permanent. It literally communicates or talks with your central nervous system or internal energy meridians.

Does Scenar work with everyone?

Yes because of the way everyones energy travels around the body and how this works with healing virtually everyone’s body will respond; the only question is how quickly. Overall health, quality of diet, stress levels, emotional factors, scar tissue, and the nature of any previous treatments will all have an effect.
Part of the skill and knowledge of an experienced therapist is in spotting and offering solutions to these other factors. For clients with chronic conditions who are not in peak health, the speed of recovery often depends on how willing they are to make changes to support the treatments.

How many treatments will I need and how often?

Again, this depends on the nature and stage of the condition, your overall health, and the degree of pain and urgency. With very acute conditions and recent injuries, you probably need treatment daily for a few days, but the normal pattern is twice a week until the symptoms are clearly going away. Some conditions, such as simple back pain or a recent sports injury, may resolve in one or two sessions. Others may take weeks or months.

“Scenar is a breakthrough treatment that really works. Men’s Health Magazine UK

A device called Scenar .. has been shown to encourage healing.”  The Guardian UK

Teaching the body to heal itself naturally.” The Times UK

combines Western electrical biofeedback with Eastern energy medicine to treat a diverse range of disorders.”  Virgin Airways Blue Magazine WWide

A Russian invention to keep astronauts in peak condition could be the .. most revolutionary weapon of the alternative health industry.”  The Daily Mail UK

It may turn out to be a medical miracle. The Scotsman, Scotland

What about my conventional medical treatment?  
Before starting with Scenar, it’s best to see your GP for an overall diagnosis. If you’re under their care already, it’s best to tell your doctor that you’re also receiving Scenar treatment and that it is known to make drug treatments more potent. This is especially true once you see a change in symptoms:  your doctor should be the one to decide whether this justifies reducing the dosage of any medication you might be taking.

 Is it OK to combine Scenar with other therapies like chiropractic?

Acupressure, Acupuncture, Bowen, Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral, Osteopathy, Reflexology

Yes most of the well known complementary therapies share the same basic objectives. Yet each therapist will approach treatment in a different way, and combining different therapists in the same treatment period may give the body scrambled instructions. It will also leave you uncertain about which therapist is getting results, and thereby waste your money. It’s generally best to try one therapist at a time. Scenar is one of the least well known complementary therapies, so it’s only natural to us if you’ve already tried what you’re familiar with. Go ahead with your favorite High Street therapy first. If you’ve not had a major improvement in a month or so, give us a call.

 Are there any other therapies that boost the effects of Scenar?

As powerful as Scenar is, there are some therapies where the combination is greater than the sum of the parts.  I’ve discovered a powerful synergy between Scenar, Coherent Light, Pulsed Magnetic Fields, and a way of boosting cellular signaling pathways.

 What’s so special about Scenar?

Remarkable levels of pain reduction and functional recovery.
Often able to break through where nothing else has.
Non-invasive, non-toxic, free of side effects.
Long-lasting or permanent results.