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In our newly built therapy rooms we offer various types of rejuvenation therapy which are all performed  after a health consultation.

Using the ancient combination of warm medicated organic oils and classical techniques, here are some of the wonderful benefits our treatments can bring to you:


  • reducing stress and anxiety,

  • natural enhancing a feeling of wellbeing,

  • expansion of consciousness,

  • correcting & utilisation of Prana (the energy breath),

  • improved breathing in general,

  • easing the ill effects of emotional and physical trauma,

  • stimulation of both arterial and lymphatic circulation,

  • improving memory,

  • tissue detoxing,

  • increased nutrient absorption,

  • general healthy rejuvenation,

  • fully body nourishment,

  • balancing and realigning of body and mind:

  • All leading to help you ACHIEVE YOUR NATURAL STATE OF BLISS!


Therapy Menu


Abhyanga full body massage $80 – 60 min

Classical full body oil massage back and front, relaxes the body and mind and stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation.

Back Abhyanga $50 – 40 min

The same as above, focused only on the back.

Shiro-Abhyanga (Indian head massage) $50 – 40 min

Full head and neck and shoulder massage to reduce stress, relax, increase prana, helps to improve dryness of scalp and loss of hair which also improves the memory.

Nasya $40 – 30 min

A relaxing facial massage with warm oil and steama then administration of herbal oil or powder to the nose after to reduce sinus congestion. Improves breathing and memory.

Nabhi Vijnam $40 – 30 min

Naval pulse correction with gentle stretches and warm abdominal oil massage for aches, pains and to ease the ill effects of emotional and physical

Katti Basti $50 or $80 for either 40 or 60 min.

The pooling of warm herbal oil on the lower back to relieve muscle spasms and pain, lower spine rigidity and strengthen the lower back. Assists and improves circulation to the pelvis and lower limbs.

Neti $60 includes own Neti pot to take home

A powerful Sat Karma cleanse, using water to bathe nostrils followed by Bhastrika breathing. Assists in Prana correction, improves memory, breathing and sinus problems.

Rejuvenation Facial Treatment (Ubtan) $80 – 60 min

Full cleanse, tone, exfoliation and massage then herbal steam followed by deep and nourishing herbal face mask.

Foot massage $40 – 30 min

Feet herbal soak and oil massage.

Ear cleansing $40 for both ears 30 min. 

A delicate thorough warm ear bath using oxygen rich liquid to dissolve wax and improve immunity and hearing.

Ritm ‘SCENAR’ therapy $70 – 30 min

Cutting edge Russian bio feedback pain relief technology using hand held device that connects with the subtle internal energy system through skin. Brings balance and fast effective pain relief often in cases where other therapies don’t work.

SCENAR is non invasive, fast and very effective.