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A common issue found in men these days is Prostate inflammation.

prostate inflammation

Western medical treatment only offers drugs or surgery which are costly, invasive and generally avoidable with careful management and early treatment.

Ayurveda views one of the main causes of prostate inflammation from simple overuse or wrong use of one or more of the 5 senses combined with diet, lifestyle and environmental factors.

As boys turn into men the sexual hormones kick in and the male reproduction radar starts working as the adolescent begins looking for suitable partners.

protate inflammation

A young man sees a pretty girl that he finds attractive, the right shape and hight and she smiles at him. This makes his mind and body go to work his brain sends signals downwards triggering literal chemical reaction and the arousal process kicks in.

A major part of this process involves the prostate gland which will begin to secrete its lubricating fluid into the urethra ready for any possible encounters. More often than not nothing more happens and this is switched off pretty quickly until the next time its needed. But as with anything this arousal process can be abused or over used and combined with bad diet and environmental issues, can all contribute to prostate inflammation, which if ignored often leads to cancer.

The prostate is a small walnut sized ring shaped gland that surrounds the top part of the urethra.
Urine passes through the prostate in the urethra on its way from the bladder to the penis. This gland is made from a silicone like rubbery material which tends to grow slightly in size as men get older. It is responsible for producing around a third of the fluid ejected during male orgasm as the fluid acts as lubrication during intercourse. Keeping this important gland healthy involves discipline of the mind and the body to keep in balance.

We find men often suffer from inflammation of this gland causing various symptoms due to inflammation. We find this is caused by over use, over stimulation and constant heightened sexual awareness. This is directly linked with the constant exposure to sex and female looks in the media and TV so due to this, sex never seems to be far from a mans mind.

In time this inflammation causes some discomfort as it reduces the natural flow of urine as the increased pressure builds on the urethra. The prostate will itself begin to grow larger in relation to the swelling which then starts to build and put pressure on surrounding tissues in the pelvis lower abdomen area. In some cases urination is stopped completely causing discomfort and pain and this is treated in hospital by using a thin round ended tube inserted through the penis up the urethra until it hits the swollen inflamed prostate which it must force past to enter the bladder. The urine is drained out to relieve the build up in pressure.

If the inflammation is left untreated for too long then waste products such as uric acid that are usually passed out in the urine is forced back at pressure through the bladder wall to re-enter the body tissues and the blood causing further inflammatory problems and infection. The evidence also goes to show that longer term chronic prostate inflammation will often lead to cancer of the prostate.

To medically ascertain if you have a swollen prostate the doctors will check for Prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, which is a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test measures the level of PSA in a man’s blood. For this test, a blood sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis.

How do we treat a swollen prostate in Ayurveda?

If the client comes to us with early onset of Prostatitis we have various different therapies at our disposal to bring the body back into balance. We first look to the four quadrants which are; Mind, Body, Soul, and the all important sense organs of cognition to ascertain which is out of sorts and why to address any issues that may be causing over stimulation to any one of them. Unlike with symptomatic medical treatment, we always look to find the root cause to try to fix this issue at source. More often than not its simply over use, wrong use and no use of the mind and sense organs that is causing excessive uncontrolled arousal. This important little gland does not just get inflamed on its own.

Because the prostate is encased and surrounded by other tissues, we must use methods to stimulate the nerves which directly supplies the prostate gland.

The Vagus nerve which is a very long important nerve starts at the brain and supplies many parts of the body without ever being part of the spinal cord. Gentle warming and stimulation in the lower abdominal area is useful, so hot baths, some gentle massage and warm oil enemas are very effective at helping soothe and relax any tension in the nerves which are close to the gland. These measures improve healing and will start the process of reducing the inflammation long enough to bring some relief. Then we have many herbal formulations and medications to use such as Kanchana with Shiguru  Guggulu to reduce inflammation or Varunadi kashayam which is specific for prostate health which is also useful in gently normalising the function of the gland long term with zero toxicity or negative side effects.

Once the inflammation is removed and normal urinary function achieved we recommend eating a vegetarian diet and living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. To prevent any reoccurrence later in life we would suggest to have regular massage and to follow on with regular lifestyle health consultations.


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