Pain is often a invisible force that can control and often ruin ones life if left untreated.

Do you suffer daily from any chronic pain or discomfort or lack of movement or mobility? If you do and want fast but long lasting relief then read on and please tell your friends.

Hear Kevin’s story (below) and see how effective Scenar worked for him.

SCENAR = self controlling energo neuro adaptive regulation.

Sounds like I made it up I know but read on and find out how powerful and long lasting this non invasive treatment actually is.

It was last summer 2012 at a hippie festival in the rolling Sussex countryside that I first experienced and encountered Scenar. For a couple of years at least I’d been suffering from a chronic sore neck, caused by playing silly buggars with my son on my shoulders. For months every morning I’d wake with severe pain as I lifted my head from the pillow but to be honest I’d more or less accepted and got used to it as part of my daily routine. Over the months I’d had deep tissue massage and physio treatment at the local hospital but experienced no real relief. As with many other’s I expect, I’d almost given up on finding a fix and was simply blocking the constant discomfort just to get by.

So there I was this summer at a local music festival with some friends watching some bands playing & having a great time. There amongst us was a chap who called himself Q. I’d noticed him talking to some of my


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